Success isn't always measured by what one becomes, but often by what one overcomes.

Concrete Wings the Novel by award-winning screenwriter and novelist Beverly Gandara based on her contest-placed screenplay of the same name is about one man's 50 year journey through Cuba, Spain and America in search of personal freedom. 

Excerpt from my recently published novel Concrete Wings 

2018 Florida Book Festival Honorable Mention

2017 Recipient of The Literary Classics Seal of Approval

2017 New York Book Festival Honorable Mention
2017 Reader's favorite - 5 Star Seal

Concrete Wings, her debut novel is timely, educational and compelling. Raised by a tyrant and a functioning voluptuary with an uncontrolled temper in a country ruled by a dictator with Communistic leanings, there was little chance for personal growth and independent thought in Havana, Cuba in the 1950's for Julian Vida. As a naive teen, he is sent out of Cuba on the eve of the Bay of Pigs Invasion to retrieve smuggled family jewels. After traveling from Cuba to Spain to America, he comes of age in New York City at the height of the sexual revolution and earns his political and economic freedom. By a twist of fate, he begins to lose his liberty when his oppressive parents arrive and refuse to assimilate into American Society.

Beverly has written several contest-placed screenplays and is the recipient of the Golden Palm Award for Best Screenplay at the 2012 Beverly Hills International Film Festival for her comedy,
Rent Money

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Beverly Gandara Concrete Wings By Novelist Beverly Gandara