The two Book Clubs of Villaggio Reserve joined to sponsor a special event featuring Beverly Gandara, author of  CONCRETE WINGS the novel. 

"We had a most enjoyable and informative afternoon with our own Bev Gandara, leading our 2nd Book and Author discussion of her novel Concrete Wings.  Bev was a wonderful speaker and delighted us with some "inside tales". She was gracious, giving and charming as she posed questions of us and happily answered some of ours. There was even some give and take by members who shared some of their own experiences. A really good time was had by all. Hopefully she will return when she finishes the book she is currently working on."  Lois K.

"We had a delightful Friday afternoon with Beverly Gandara, our second combined book group speaker and Villaggio Reserve neighbor, as she reviewed her book, Concrete Wings. Beverly was a gracious speaker and even brought visuals for us to enjoy. We saw real life photos of some of the people and places Bev based some of her characters on,  and got to closely inspect the very handkerchiefs used by the mother in the novel for a clever ruse.  Written from her screenplay of the same title, Bev gave us additional details and her interesting background info and we had a lovely discussion skimming politics, prejudice, race, love, human nature, and tons of other topics.  Let’s hear it for Beverly! Thank you, Beverly, for an awesome presentation." Cara N.

It was a really lovely meeting and wonderful kick off for our 2016/17 book discussions.  Bevi and Armand are exceedingly charming and meeting them made it a truly memorable experience.  The evening flew by and my only regret is that I wanted to ask so many more questions.  I was so busy saying goodbye and good luck to them that I might have forgotten to say thank you , Myrna.  Marilyn


STONEBRIDGE BOOK CLUB- "Concrete Wings Author Beverly Gandara and her husband Armand came to discuss her novel inspired by the real life story told by a loving wife about her husband coming from Cuba to America.  Our book club overwhelmingly loved you both. Besides the fascinating story they found you loving and charming.  You should take the act on the road."  Myrna F.


WESTCHESTER COUNTRY CLUB event sponsored by the Book Club Members features Beverly Gandara, author of  CONCRETE WINGS the novel. 

"We were pleased to have Bev join us as a guest presenter at our Book Club. We were fascinated as she and her husband shared their story and led us in an in-depth discussion about surviving against all odds and understanding Cuban/American relations.”  Bobbie H.


"​JAMES MADISON HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI BOOK CLUB with Bev Gandara, where she and husband Armand came to speak about her book Concrete Wings.  A good time was had by all."  Lois K