A recently handicapped young married woman, who by her own resourcefulness and the wonders of the Internet, overcomes her struggle against the sexual advances of a dangerous retiree with a buried criminal past.

A naïve teen sent out of Cuba to retrieve smuggled family jewels on the eve of the Bay of Pigs invasion comes of age in New York City at the height of the sexual revolution and earns his political and economic freedom. By a twist of fate, he begins to lose his liberty when his oppressive parents arrive and refuse to assimilate into American Society. Take the journey and discover why success isn’t always measured by what one becomes, but often by what one overcomes.


Concrete Wings

CONCRETE WINGS, the novel, is inspired by a screenplay which placed as:
**Quarter finalist at the StoryPros Second Annual International Screenplay Contest in 2011
**Quarter finalist at the 2011 Scriptoid Feature Challenge
**Finalist at the June 2011 Top Five Loglines, Three Lines or Less - a Logline Contest

Soaring in Silence

Interviews with Fascinating Working Women