I found "Concrete Wings" to be a fascinating tale.   It was so well written that I was completely absorbed into the story from the beginning to the end.  It made me appreciate the "normal" childhood that I had.  I was glad that the man finally found happiness and contentment in his life, as he easily could have stayed bitter and resentful.  Looking forward to your next book!   Judy B.

Concrete Wings was the most interesting page turner I have read in several months.  The book captures your attention and is difficult to put down. The reader is swept away into the plot and on each page you feel you are part of the story.  A book worth purchasing.  Jim S.

We've read CONCRETE WINGS and found it very timely. Great material!  Couldn't put it down!!! It would make a terrific film!!  Joni & Mel

​It’s not every day you can find a story that inspires. Concrete Wings is a story that demonstrates the ability to overcome barriers and obstacles that can stifle passion. Written with sensitivity, this book may help people find their way to feel most vital and alive. There are times when sharing a story can help us to better understand the personal meaning of wholeness and empowerment.  Larry  K.

Bev's first book is an exciting adventure for the reader. It's written like it's her twentieth that I hope will eventually be. I can't wait for more from her.  Maurice S.

The book is written so beautifully that it draws you right into the story, and the history lessons about Cuba are incredibly educational and timely. The ability of the author to elicit such a wide range of emotions from the reader exhibits a real talent with the written word. I went from feeling angry and frightened, to laughing out loud.  I have also read her screenplay "Rent Money," which was excellent.  Sharon P.

​Beautifully written! I couldn't put the book down waiting to see how the story would end. This book is so timely with a glimpse of what it might have been like in Cuba in the 50's.  Cynthia M.

Very moving and emotional book . Could not put it down. The characters come alive - you laugh with them and also cry with them, outstanding first novel. Can not wait for her next book. Barbara R.

Re: A Fan of yours!   I'm so enjoying the book! When's your second coming out? ​ Sally J.

The story captures you from the first page. The characters were so vivid I felt like I wanted to keep reading the book to see how their lives evolved. Beautifully written!  Anonymous

The book draws you in immediately.  The severity of the family dynamics is at times difficult to accept in the sense that a child is subjected to such coldness and yet given such responsibility. The young boy rises to each occasion with a sense of duty to his family as well as unrequited love of his father and mother.  The book takes you through his childhood in Cuba, short stay in Spain and ultimately to the United States where he grows into a man and finally finds true and unconditional love,  His blind devotion to his parents continue until their death.   It was an enlightening view of Cuba in the late 50s and early sixties as well as a powerful story of courage and great fortitude of a strong caring, initially frightened young man.  It was a very enjoyable read.  I recommend it highly. Susan R.

​Today the book was on my porch when I came home from the salon. I opened with great pride, as a dear friend wrote these words. As I read the words, Armand's voice is what I hear. Some phrases straight from memories of his tales. I cannot put it down except to drop you this note. You are an incredible author! I am a true fan. Gotta get back to 1958, Julian, Havana, Cuba. Postscript: I think the president's visit to Cuba must be a perfect timing for your release. Boy, do you have connections!  ​Donnelle A.

I found your novel very interesting.  I lived in little Havana in Miami in the early 1960's and related to what the Cubans went through at that time.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Concrete Wings." Flo G.

​Concrete Wings makes me smile because of the witty endings to each chapter; it also makes me proud to know the author and her husband.‏ Honora L.

Loved the story.   I read it in a day and a half.   I've lived in S.Florida, on and off since 1974 and have interacted with many Cuban refuges professionally and on a personal level.   The story gave me a wonderful insight into what a journey these people had to encounter.  At the tender age of 16 through to senior citizens to set out on this journey, unsure of where they would end up took much courage and desperation.  I have a lot more respect for the people who fled Castro's Cuba than I had before reading this story.  I think you did a great job in telling this story, which is a work of fiction, but can be a life story for many.   Looking forward to your next book. Roberta S.

Interesting story, especially as it relates to Cuba before and during Bay of Pigs. I enjoyed reading it.  Marjorie C.

I highly recommend!! Great read!  Gina R. 
Wonderful book! I read it, loved it!  Chris P.

​I so enjoyed reading Concrete Wings. The story is fascinating and I couldn’t wait to pick it up each time to continue reading. I remember those years and you brought it to life. Thank you so much for sharing your husband’s story for all of us to enjoy.  Judy C.

I just finished Concrete Wings, and WOW - you are a fabulous story teller.  Please keep me posted when you release your next book. I'm eager to read more by you.  I can’t wait to read whatever Gandara writes next. ~ Linda Thompson, Host of www.TheAuthorsShow.com

​I am particularly humble pie-d bout my reading of Concrete Wings. I enjoyed Julian's adventures--and misadventures perpetrated by his father and relatives. That old woman as grasping from the end, wasn't she?  Until the denouement at the end I thought Arturo was an anatomical pain, but I did enjoy his notion of a celebratory location. Good show!  Dr. L

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading Concrete Wings. I found the book very informative and inspiring.  I would think Concrete Wings would make a good movie.  Betty K