WHILE I WAIT Drama inspired by a true story: As the AIDS Virus spread in the 1980s, New Yorkers were gripped with fear, anxiety and ignorance. Being an Administrative Assistant to a prominent attorney with AIDS was easy; being his friend, well, that was hard.

MISINFORMED HEART Drama: A prescription addicted environmentalist on the brink of success and marriage is wrongly accused of murder as she struggles to overcome an incestuous past.

CONCRETE WINGS Family Drama: A naive teen sent out of Cuba on the eve of the Bay of Pigs Invasion to retrieve smuggled family jewels, comes of age in New York at the height of the sexual revolution and earns his politicl and economic freedom. By a twist of fate, he begins to lose his freedom when his oppressive parents arrive and refuse to assimilate into American society.

REVIEW OF RENT MONEY:‚Äč      "...A very sophisticated and candid assessment of life in Manhattan--albeit the steamy side--in the '60's.  Gays, sex, adultery were kept in the closet then but your storyline and characters certainly reveal the conflicts that were prominent at that time.   I know we'll see Rent Money on the screen soon." -  Honora Levin, Author.

UNPROTECTED WITNESS Drama/Thriller: In 1994, a young wife who relocates to AZ from NY, for health reasons, is subject to relentless sexual advances by a dangerous retiree with a hidden criminal past. In a battle for survival, by her own resourcefulness and the wonders of the Internet, she derails an impeding attack, positions the bully to meet his destiny and triumphs in secret..

*RENT MONEY Comedy: (In Development) While working in the Radio & TV Barter Business, a self-sufficient virgin bookkeeper, aroused by a handsome neighbor, is stymied by society's changing rules as the sexual revolution engulfs Manhattan in 1965.


To Film Industry Professionals only: If any of the screenplays are of interest to you, please submit your credentials and your company information and I will forward a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Once the agreement is signed and reviewed by my attorney, I will forward the screenplay to you for review.